Friday, February 8, 2008

Time Won't Let Me Go

Last night my kickball team, Balls & Dolls, had just lost our first two games of the season and since I had to wake up early to drive back to New Orleans, I opted out of drinking away my sorrows with pitchers of beer. I had fully intended to go home, walk the dog and go to bed...when I received a text message saying "Bravery isn't going on until 10:30". I had already accepted the fact that any Thursday night concerts would not be possible during kickball season (it's a serious me) so I just sent back a "No thanks". Then the reply was "No drinks and straight only live once"...a couple more convincing texts later, I was in the shower getting ready to rock out.

Rock out I did...thanks again to my concert buddy for dragging me out of the house!! The Bravery did not disappoint and, as always, Warehouse Live was a terrific venue. I was a little surprised that the crowd was not so big, but then again I'm the same person who was in total shock over a showing of about 40 for Albert Hammond, Jr. (I am such a huge fan...surely I thought everyone else was too) So I’ll admit that I am not the biggest Bravery fan, since I totally thought they were from England. With the accents and all in their songs, it's easy to make that assumption...but when the lead singer started talking about the election (points are always docked for this sort of behavior...if you're not Barack, I don't wanna hear it), he was definitely American. Is this a new movement? The Killers have this same thing going on...not that I'm complaining, since everyone knows I'm a sucker for a British accent. Do we think the Brits are pissed about the North American Scum ripping off their style? I'm gonna say, probably not...I mean, I'm totally cool with Christian Bale and Hugh Laurie playing Batman and House. Sorry for going off on a tangent...I had six hours in the car with the puppy and plenty of time to ponder such ridiculous things.

I had not made the I-10 Houston to New Orleans journey alone in months...and I forgot how enjoyable it can actually be. I get to spend six hours in the car, listening to XM and jotting down new songs along the way...I don't think Mallory the pup enjoyed my singing, but she does seem to be a big Peter Bjorn & John fan. Maybe it's all the whistling... Here are some highlights of the trip:

  • I found my New Pornographers Challengers album!! It had been misplaced for a while...god I forgot how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE that CD!!
  • The City and Colour song Waiting kept coming on XMs The Verge....kind of a depressing ditty, but still so good.
  • I may have attempted to practice my "Superman" dance somewhere around Lake Charles...
  • Mallory appears to get car sick...I'll spare the details, but I did have to line the seat with garbage bags in Vidor, TX. Does anyone know if Doggie Dramamine exists??
  • Seeing all of the LSU fans still driving around like its football season...we don't get that in Houston. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

Well now I'm back home in my beautiful New Orleans and ready for an amazing crab boil tomorrow!!

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Scott_S said...

I was with you all the way until the LSU part!

Just joking! Nice blog.
What are the big plans in the NOLA?