Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Pronounced SKY-ler

If you haven't heard of Schuyler Fisk, here is your introduction. She is my favorite female singer-songwriter and you need to hear her stuff! She doesn't have a full length album out yet, but if you go check out her website you can give it a listen.

I first heard her on The Last Kiss soundtrack singing along with her boyfriend, Josh Radin, on the track "Paperweight". Her voice is amazing!! Then after seeing her and Josh in concert at Warehouse Live about a year ago, I was completely hooked! Hopefully she will come back soon. Bonus points go to anyone who can name a movie she was in and also name her famous mother....

Josh will be back with the Hotel Cafe Tour on Saturday, March 15th at Meridian...along with Cary Brothers and Sara Bareilles.


roy said...

Her mom is sissy spacek she was in the Baby-sitters club and orange county.

roy said...

if it's pronounced SKY-lur, then why did Sissy spell it Shoe-ee-lur?