Saturday, February 23, 2008

G. Love's Got Sauce

Thursday night some fellow lover's of live music joined me for the G. Love show at Warehouse Live in Houston.  This includes Charlie who had no idea who G. Love was, but took my advice that this was a yearly show that you simply do not miss.  Of all of the concerts I attended in 2007, G. Love definitely stands out as the one that I had the most fun at.  I think Charlie was happy with his decision...even if it meant paying the not so "convenient" charges from T-Master.  

Tristan Prettyman opened for the Philly freestyler.  I had heard some of her tunes on XM and remember liking them, but I definitely could not name or pick out any of her tunes if I heard 'em.  I distinctly remember thinking...hmmm...Tristan Prettyman?  Name sounds like a dudes and she's obviously a chick.  Cool name though.  Her voice was amazing and I'm always impressed with (and slightly jealous of) any cute chick with a guitar.  She has a voice similar to that of the poppy Colbie Callait (who I also am a fan of...can't get tired of that "Bubbly" song) and the looks of Jessica Beal.  Charlie did not have his glasses...but when I threw out J. Beal's name...he said, "Ooooh!  Tristan's hot!"  Lucky for him, he got to meet her after the show and actually see her up close.  She was a sweetheart and was dressed totally cute...I'll be checking out her music and wardrobe choices in the near future.

After singing along with some Modest Mouse and Beck between sets, G. Love and the Special Sauce was ready to jam.  I think I was the only one in our group who had seen him live and warned everyone that they had better get ready to shake their booties.  We all did...and had a blast.  G played all of his good stuff...Rodeo Clowns (sans Jack still good), Baby's Got Sauce (in true jam band fashion), and Cold Beverages (it just cracks me up).  He also did some sweet freestylin' and I love his harmonica and beatbox skills!  Great great show!!  

The only rant that I have was that it could've been a little louder.  One of the guys in our crew was talking (mind you, we were VERY close to the stage) and some rude chick said, "Hey can you keep it down, I can't here the music!"  Chill out sistah!!!  

Five hours after the show, I was prepping for my flight to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras Half-Marathon on Sunday.  Yes, I know it's not Mardi Gras anymore...but the race is already titled as such and the actual holiday was abnormally early this year.  I'm getting nervous about my 13.1 mile trek through the streets of the Crescent City....wish me luck!!!

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