Monday, March 31, 2008

For My Fellow Friends of the Bottle

The first quarter of 2008 was full of binge drinking for me: New Years, LSU's National Championship Victory, Post Houston Marathon Party, Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, Sunday Funday's, kickball rainouts, PARIS, any event involving the video game Rockband, relationship drama and other forms of unnecessary stress.

So 2Q08 is off to a new start for me....I started yoga and I love it ( Joy is the owner and an ex-engineer who promotes fitness, wellbeing, and living stressfree..fantastic), I'm going to cutback on the binge drinking considerably (no worries Jazz Fest companions...I said considerably, not completely), and I'll start my marathon training in the next couple of months!

I did find this article for those of us who find ourselves sitting around the table on Saturday/Sunday afternoons saying one or more of the following:
  • "Gawd, my head is pounding"
  • "Bloody Mary please"
  • "I'm never drinking that much AGAIN...and I mean it this time"
  • "Should I get a burger, pizza, or fried chicken fingers to settle my stomach?"
  • "Ugh"
  • "How did I get that wine stain all over my shorts?"
  • "I can feel my pulse in my toes"
  • "Who's idea was it to buy those shots?"
  • "I can't believe I was dancing with that Rastaman! He was diiiiiiiirty!"

This article is for you friends:

My personal remedy for the hangovers-from-hell are a BC Headache powder, bloody mary, sleep, and lots of carbs and grease! Works like a charm...EVERY time. Things that don't work include water and driving from New Orleans to Houston.

Please feel free to share your personal remedies!

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