Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Music Report 3/19/2008

It's been way too long since I've posted a music report. I promise I do have a legitimate excuse. Uh...I spent a fabulous week in Paris. Not to worry, I have occaisionally had the opportunity to fill my addiction to good music.

New tunes to check out:

Hey Willpower! - Their cover of Architecture in Helsinki's "Heart It Races" is poppy and fun. How can you NOT love it??

Duffy - No not Hilary Duff, she's a clean and hot version of Amy Winehouse. Too bad the girl didn't get her start first, I love her! Maggie introduced me to the tunes in Paris....and there were advertisements for her everywhere. What is it with all of the British chicks singing Motown?

Deathcab's new single "I Will Possess Your Heart". I heard it for the first time on my commute home yesterday. I need to listen to it was super dark, which is odd for a first single. Even more bizarre is it's one of their songs that is instrumental for like 3 minutes and then Ben sings the same lines over and over again... I liked it, but another listen is necessary. "Transatlanticism" is one of my fav DCFC tracks, and it was very similar. New album Narrow Stairs drops in May. Yay!

The Avett Brothers - They're indie-country? Too many sub-genre's for me to keep up with. If you like good lyrics and the banjo, check 'em out.

Vampire Weekend - So I know that MTV has put us all on Vampire Weekend overload, but it doesn't change the fact that everyone needs a little reggae in their life. VW puts a great new spin on it.

Coconut Records - Jason Schwartzman's new band. They're fun! Thanks for the rec Jesse!

Others to check out are "How I Became the Bomb" (I love the name) and the track "Serpentine" by Chris Bathgate...thanks for the recs Ry!


3/31 - Tokyo Police Club @ the Meridian
4/8 - Say Anything & Manchester Orchestra @ Warehouse Live
4/13 - British Sea Power & Film School @ Numbers
4/22 - Cat Power @ Warehouse Live


Jesse said...

coconut records is one of my new obsessions. i'm glad someone else likes them too.

thanks for the rec for vampire weekend. they have a good vibe.

cant wait for acl.

Anonymous said... check out Heavyweight Champion of the World - Unforgettable Season (Parisiennes, so the theme fits the trip) - Lost in Translation

Bien joue!