Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Houston has a certified organic restaurant...really!

Nope, it's not April Fool's Day....the city filled with big trucks, hummers, and cowboy hats actually has some green to it. Ruggles' newest restaurant is Ruggles Green, the city's first certified organic restaurant and I dined there for the first time last night.

It's a meal you can feel good about...well unless you succumb to the temptation of the decadent desserts staring at you through their glass encasement. Although they looked so delicious (and Ruggles is known for their amazing desserts!!) that you probably wouldn't suffer from PDCD, post-dessert consumption depression.

The parking situation is not-so-hot (I had to walk from Whole Foods) and the layout didn't feel very comfy while eating. Mainly because everything was so close together and the music was rather loud. I do love Jack Johnson, but with every table seated so close together, the mixture of convos and laid-back jams made it hard for me to talk to my dining buddy....but that's the extent of the rants.

I want to go here all the time so I can try everything on the menu!! It all sounded so delicious, but I was in a chicken curry salad kind of mood. It was delicious...a perfect mixture of sweet and spicy. The dried mangoes were really what put it over the top for me!

My dining companion chose the fish tacos and raved over how delicious they were!! The plate was piled high with cabbage and can never go wrong with that!

Wine by-the-glass selection and prices were reasonable, they also have an espresso bar, and an extensive assortment of condiments for dressing up your eco-conscious meal. Everything was healthy and organic....truly a feat for Houston, which Ruggles has successfully accomplished.

I felt like I was reducing my carbon footprint with every bite I took. Can't wait to go back and try the sweet potato gnocchi!!

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