Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ACL Ticket Update

Still wondering why I had not yet received an email mentioning the ticket sales for ACL 2009, I went on to the site before 10am for my advanced purchase. The prices were higher than last year, even for the early birds....and the first tier had already sold out. What was left? $160 weekend pass....that's more than twice what I paid for a weekend at Pitchfork. I was still in contemplation mode until 10:48am, an entire 48 minutes after the tickets went on sale, I received an email from ACL saying, "TICKETS ON SALE NOW!" Seriously?? C'mon ACL, at least give your loyal festivallers a heads up!!

At 10:49am, I decided that I will not be in attendance at Zilker Park this year. My hard earned cash will go to Jazz, P4K, and Voodoo Fests!!

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Jesse said...

ACL is a no go for me this year. With tickets being higher and factoring in the cost of travel and hotel I'm looking at a $600 weekend. I was excited until this morning when I saw the ticket prices.