Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Romance During a Recession

It's definitely possible...and something that should be done regardless of the economic state of the world. I happen to think that the best dates are those that are frugal...it's more personal, you can have more of them, and always carefree!! But then again, maybe that's just my preference...my dream dates consist of picnics, kite flying, and marshmallow roasting...so if you're high maintenance, this may not make you feel any better.

After a brief brainstorming session, here are a few ideas:

  • Have a picnic - Make some sandwiches, grab a bargain bottle of wine or some beer, some snacks....you won't have to worry about tipping a rude waiter or valeting your car. Houston's Hermann Park is gorgeous and you might even catch a free performance at the Miller Outdoor Theater. It appears to be very romantic...
  • Get going - Go for a bike ride, go for a walk through the Arboretum, play a set of tennis, go bowling (although now Houston has ridiculous upscale alleys...ehem, 300, cough), toss around the Frisbee or the football...it's good for you and it's fun!
  • Dinner and a movie at the casa - You and your date could make dinner together at half the cost of what you would pay in the restaurant and put your culinary creativity to use. Then stay on your cozy sofa and watch a movie....you're not going to get asked to leave in the event that you decided to make out, and you can always hit pause. You know...if that's your thing....just sayin'.
  • Get your culture on - Head to a museum. I love museums and both New Orleans and Houston have an abundance of quality museums. They are free on Thursday in Houston and if you're a student you get discounts. Personal fave is the Menil Collection in Montrose, it's always free and has some astounding artwork.
  • Be thrifty together - Head to the local thrift shop and explore. You never know what you might find...could be useful, could be funky, and you might even hit the jackpot.
  • Mmmm Smores - Look for a nearby campground and spend a weekend under the stars, sitting by the campfire and roasting marshmallows. During the day you can explore the natural surroundings or those of the nearest town.
  • Rock on - The Miller Outdoor Theater has many many free concerts, but most are symphony showcases. If you prefer to jam and Uncle Ticketmaster has you pissed off with all of his 'convenience charges', not to worry, we've got options. Walter's on Washington and Rudyard's both play host to many upcoming bands and both venues are dirt cheap. These bands usually perform in-store at Cactus Music (http://www.myspace.com/cactusmv) earlier in the day.

Got any ideas? Post 'em...I'd love to hear more.

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