Saturday, December 13, 2008

Random Rants & Raves

This morning, during my 3.5 hour run, I had plenty of time to think about some really random things.  They all came out in little rants and raves...hey when you're stuck alone with your thoughts for that long, it's great entertainment.  

  • I have to start off with this one...who wears short shorts?  Frank wears short shorts...and I was running behind him for a good two hours.  I'm just going to leave it at that.  
  • My BAMF running was the BEST yet.  I did a random mix so I had no idea what was up next and Deerhunter's "Nothing Ever Happened" just so happened to come up during mile 20.  The guitars at the end of this 6 minute song are serious...and build up...and build up...and next thing I knew I was at home base and had just ran my fastest mile.
  • The Great Houston Blizzard of 2008 that we had on Wednesday...I kept thinking about how beautiful the snow was and how much fun we had that night!
  • Having the guts to make the move to Mark's 3:45 group...and actually being able to keep up with them!!  
  • The runners high...yes, it exists...but I think it may have made me hallucinate a bit.  Around mile 18 I started thinking about how I want to start swimming...and should buy a bike...because really, I need to get into triathlons.  As if the marathon thing wasn't punishment enough...I NEED MORE!!  Maybe one day I'll do a 1/2 Ironman!!
  • Frank giving me his biscuit at really was worth sacrificing my two sad pieces of toast.  And the Barnaby's waiter that gave me my purple coffee mug...yeah he rocks!  The biscuit and purple mug saved my life...
  • Chicken, not for the soul...but good ol' Campbell's outta the can.  I had been told that it is the perfect thing to eat the night before a long run...the veggies and chicken provide the nutrients, it's light, the broth is great for hydration, and it's loaded with electrolytes.  I felt like a million bucks!
  • Realizing at mile 7 that I forgot to put my Glide on.  If you're not a runner, I don't think you understand....but if you are, you know what kind of pain I'm experiencing right now.  My low cut dress for tonight's Christmas Party is definitely going to have me explaining my lovely abrasions. 
  • Overpasses...
  • Underpasses...
  • Changes in elevation in general...
  • Running loops around Memorial...I cannot even tell you how much I loathe loops of Memorial!!  It drives me insane...but I do enjoy the whole access to a bathroom thing.  
  • People who try to run me over...and construction workers who make "hey baby" comments.  Seriously?  Unnecessary. 
I cannot believe the marathon is only a little over a month away!  Bring it....I'm ready!!

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