Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well it looks like even the local New Orleans Original Daiquiri drive-thru is going green.  I saw this last weekend at near my parents' house and had to stop to take a picture.  It all starts here folks...go to the drive through, order your alcoholic beverage and sip it out of a refill mug while you're cruisin around the Crescent City!  


Editor said...

I know you don't know me I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I think it is greathow you are pushing for a green America as I to am tring to do my part!!!! I just startd working on posting blogs this my first post to someone else's blog. Please look at my site so that you can see our products that canhelp everyone do there part. Thinks I am also gong to add you to my rss feed. God Bless you Pastor Whalen

roy said...

even better if you sneek thru the drive thru in your ninjaesque hybrid, THEN glide around the crescent city sipping your alcoholic beverage from a refillable cup! the only way to get greener than that is to have a prison jump suit you made yourself from hemp to wear after you get picked up for DUI.

: )

Jesse said...

that sign makes me smile.

Veronica said...

That's in Woodmere huh? Yeah, my mom lives in that subdivision. Too bad they aren't taken other pro-active measures, such as not killing.