Sunday, June 22, 2008

Confessions of a CC's addict

Hi, my name is Brandie and I'm addicted to CC's.  Every morning I curse the fact that Houston doesn't have a Community Coffee House and dream of having enough capital to put up so I could open my own franchise.  It would kill...I know the other Crescent City transplants would agree.  But until that day comes, or until I move back to Nawlins....Catalina Coffee is pretty close. 

I met the owner, Max, the week before the Washington Street joint officially opened.  He raved about how he had also become a CC's addict during his time in New Orleans and aspired to open a comparable place to get your caffeine fix.  Named after his madre, Catalina coffee is right around the corner from my apartment and is the perfect place to chill, work, listen to live music and drink the best coffee in Houston.  Oh yeah, and they have fresh French pastries and ice cream that Max makes in the store.  Mmmmm!

He's a perfectionist when it comes to coffee.  Even his ice coffee is 24-hour brew...because according to him, that's the optimum brew time for a perfect cup o chilled java.  I'll never forget the time that I ordered an ice coffee and he said, "Sorry it's not ready yet...still got another couple of hours."  

Catalina has been featured in this week's Houston Press...way to go guys!  Best of luck.

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