Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Am I a trendsetter or do I just think Zuckerberg is a douche?

Well that's yet to be discovered, but regardless I have done what I never thought I would do. I'm not ashamed, I'm not regretful....but alas, I have deactivated my FB account. GASP!!

I've just had enough...and would rather spend my time blogging about all of the awesome things I've discovered, annoyances, or just stuff that I find interesting...than reading about how awful of a day you've had, what you've had for lunch and accepting friend requests. Instead, if you want to know what Brandie Kay's been can come back to the L-cubed!

One month till Michigan...this could get interesting!!

1 comment:

Jesse said...

I'm sad to see your departure from facebook, but sometimes things have to end. however, i am happy to see that you're going to start blogging again. i've always been a fan of the blog and your music recommendations.