Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rants and Raves for the Week

Hola amigos!  Here are some random rants and raves for your reading enjoyment.

  • 30 days of Coldplay on XM Channel 51 -  So maybe it started out a little too emotional the first morning (Fix You, Warning Sign...then Scientist....I mean really?) and it was way intense for my Monday morning commute to work, BUT it is pretty terrific.  There are live performances and unreleased covers, along with interviews with the really compliments the Houston traffic well.
  • Swirll - There are 3 locations in Houston, one of which is on West Gray and very convenient for me.  Fourteen different self-serve healthy froyo's (frozen yogurt, that is) and you can add your own toppings buffet style.  The cookies & cream with crushed oreos...omigoodness...awesome.
  • Pearl Bar - This may be my new favorite bar in Houston.  Pool table, shuffleboard, golden tee, outdoor patio with PING PONG, hulahoops (what?), and a DJ...exactly!  The best thing is that its non-Houstonian in that there's a mingling atmosphere withOUT clubbiness.  People in shorts, slacks,'s all good at The Pearl.  Best part, its walking distance from my new loft....yeah!
  • Spiked watermelons, Ratatat's new album, my new wii, Lil Wayne, the movie Wanted, BATMAN, Into The Woods, Adele, happy hour at Zushi on Memorial...
  • Kirby Drive & Bissonnett Street....all of it
  • Men who feel the need to hang male genitalia from their truck hitches.  Seriously, I don't need to see that at 6am and what are parents supposed to say to their innocent little girls?

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