Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nostalgia Is All Around Us!

It seems as though my fellow products of the 80's are now in positions to create things that make us say "When I was a kid, these guys ruled!". Sure it makes us feel old because we now sound like our parents, but who cares...I'm super excited about it!

NKOTB: Yes, I know the sounds of Joey, Jordan, Danny, Donnie and Jon send straight men running for the hills...but us ladies will always love them even if they're dirty old men. The boys will be back on the block this Friday for their first stage performance in almost 20 years! I saw the clips of them practicing and they still have the mooooooves.

Sex & The City: Maybe this identifies more with where I am now than where I was when the show originally aired. Regardless, I cannot wait to see the fabulous four ladies on the big screen!

Down in Fraggle Rock: Was this my favorite show when I was a kid? Hells yeah! It was just announced today that it is being turned into a live action musical flick!! I can wait to see Mokey and Wembly again...and the Doozers!! What about Marjory, The Trash Heap? Anyone else remember that one....

Indiana Jones: I don't care how old Harrison Ford is...I'm still psyched about seeing the new movie! Every time I see the preview I get more and more excited about it. I'm hoping to catch it on the Imax screen...with the new age of special effects it has a chance at being a HUGE hit! Let's hope Lucas Films did it right!

I know there's more...but I'm drawing a blank!

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Roy said...

speed racer also but that may be a bit before your time and i read it didn't pull in the $$$ they hoped it would